Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mystery Skype

Question 1. What did you learn from the Mystery Skype?
The classroom looked similar to a classroom you would see in ODSS. They also play many of the sports we would play, so it seems that education isn't that different from us. And there are less rules on a reserve and life seems to be easier for them, that was surprising because most people think that reserves have poor conditions.

Question 2. What did you like about the Mystery Skype?
I got learn a lot about what its actually like to be an Aboriginal Canadian on a reserve and it was fun trying to figure out where they were.

Question 3. What needs to be improved?
It made it difficult to understand each other through the computers microphone and webcam, maybe if we do this again we could try to borrow a better microphone/camera from the comm tech class.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An Extremely Unique Blog Post About Something No One Talks About

So obviously Rob Ford has been doing some pretty ridiculous stuff. And I think its about time he lost his job.

It all started back in May where there was a rumored video of Ford smoking crack. He then denies all allegations said about him; "I did not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine." He then later says that the video "doesn't exist." These allegations made Ford, Toronto, and Canada look like a joke to other countries. After this, things die down for the summer and its not until the recent few weeks where the topic comes back up. 

The morning of October 31st, Toronto police chief William Blair announces police have recovered the video. Now Ford's in serious trouble. On November 5th Ford admits to smoking crack cocaine. So far, Ford has smoked crack and lied about it to pretty much the entire world, still seem like a pretty good mayor?

After this video is released Ford says to the pubic that he has "nothing left to hide," although just this past week Ford was rumored to be involved with prostitutes. There was also a video found of Rob Ford on an aggressive rant where he threatens to kill a person. Then, on live TV, he makes the comment that I'm not going to repeat on my blog.

And after all this nonsense, Ford still expects to be involved in the Santa Claus Parade. Thankfully the
co-chair of the parade asked Ford not to march.

This past Monday the council finally stripped Ford of most of his budget and powers as Mayor of Toronto. Is this enough? Should he be fired?

All information and quotes taken from Global News website article: Here’s everything Mayor Rob Ford has said about crack video allegations

Sunday, November 10, 2013

ISU Check 1

For my ISU I chose to read the novel Player One-What Is to Become of Us by Douglas Coupland. This novel is focused around a group of unlikely people in an airport cocktail lounge during a massive global disaster. You're probably wondering how this is even about another culture. This novel is about dystopian culture, which simply put means the culture is characterized by war, poverty, desiese, disaster etc. which results in global depression and or suffering. Coupland has written several other novels that involve nuclear and cold war threats, making him credible for writing a dystopian novel.

One of the subjects explored in the novel is religion. A charcter in the novel, Luke, is an x-pastor on the run from a church that he no longer beleived in... and also stole a large amount of money from. This may make the novel interesting to see how religion would come into play in this sort of situation. Coupland's parents both come from extremly religious families, although his parents tried to break off of the strict religion they had been brought up in for their own children.