Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mystery Skype

Question 1. What did you learn from the Mystery Skype?
The classroom looked similar to a classroom you would see in ODSS. They also play many of the sports we would play, so it seems that education isn't that different from us. And there are less rules on a reserve and life seems to be easier for them, that was surprising because most people think that reserves have poor conditions.

Question 2. What did you like about the Mystery Skype?
I got learn a lot about what its actually like to be an Aboriginal Canadian on a reserve and it was fun trying to figure out where they were.

Question 3. What needs to be improved?
It made it difficult to understand each other through the computers microphone and webcam, maybe if we do this again we could try to borrow a better microphone/camera from the comm tech class.


  1. Why do you think it seems easier on the reserve? Is this a comparison to what life is like in urban settings for First Nations people?

  2. Ben,

    Many, many reserves are very poor and the living conditions are horrible. What you see on the evening news can be true, however, we must always be careful not to take the message that living conditions are embarrassingly poor for FNIM people and apply it to all FNIM people.

    The 8th Fire raised the issue of poverty and the consequences of the residential school policy as significant factors in determining outcomes for FNIM. Most non-Native Canadians cannot not imagine the impact of these realities on people and their families. How does one function when stripped of personal identity and dignity?

    Thanks for your post.