Sunday, November 10, 2013

ISU Check 1

For my ISU I chose to read the novel Player One-What Is to Become of Us by Douglas Coupland. This novel is focused around a group of unlikely people in an airport cocktail lounge during a massive global disaster. You're probably wondering how this is even about another culture. This novel is about dystopian culture, which simply put means the culture is characterized by war, poverty, desiese, disaster etc. which results in global depression and or suffering. Coupland has written several other novels that involve nuclear and cold war threats, making him credible for writing a dystopian novel.

One of the subjects explored in the novel is religion. A charcter in the novel, Luke, is an x-pastor on the run from a church that he no longer beleived in... and also stole a large amount of money from. This may make the novel interesting to see how religion would come into play in this sort of situation. Coupland's parents both come from extremly religious families, although his parents tried to break off of the strict religion they had been brought up in for their own children.

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  1. Your novel seems really interesting. I wonder, though, how does writing many dystopian novels make one a credible author of them?

    I think it is interesting that you have a focus on religion. What role does religion play in a dystopia?